About us

Janaadhikaara Sangharsha Parishath (J.S.P), roughly translated as “Organization which struggle/fights for the rights of people”. The name itself denotes the primary and basic objective of our organization.

Janaadhikaara Sangharsha Parishath (J.S.P) is a grassroot level organization formed the set of enlightened citizens in year 2013 and was registered in 2015 in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Namma Hakku Namma Adhikaara which is translated in Hindi as Hammara Haq Humara Adhikaar, refers main objective of our organization i.e. to secure Fundamental and Constitutional Rights of citizens of our society. Volunteers of J.S.P have dedicated themselves to help a cause with large public cause and fight for it through numerous legal spaces.

While some of our works involves Right To Education (R.T.E), Karnataka State Lokayukta issue, Rejuvenation of water bodies in and around Bangalore with the help of local authorities, Complaints and cases against illegal grabbing of government lands, etc.

Citizens who were benefited by our organization’s help have joined us to help others too and we would also like to request other citizens to join us. Let us come together and ake this society a better place to live in.